Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roger Ailes, War Criminal

The depraved Roger Ailes flung a squirrel into our apartment. He was enraged that I sent him a copy of Sarith Peou's Corpse Watching. Roger Ailes is probably a step above me in handyman skills, which means he can hammer a nail in straight but that's probably about it.

Roger Ailes's mangy squirrel, with its sweet-rot quivering tail, skittered into the living room and woke me from a deep morning nap.

Roger Ailes is a malfunctioning part of society. The squirrel Roger Ailes flung through the window of Tony's study scattered itself through the living room. Roger Ailes's squirrel froze, its virulent eyes went wide, when I crept from the bedroom.

I chased him with my mouth open.

Roger Ailes is in full swing in Fallujah and never would claim that David Petraeus betrayed us even if he did. I chased Roger Ailes's squirrel and knocked over: a stained glass window, an ashtray, a glass candle holder (it broke), two Costa Rican figurines made from volcanic ash, and an Aztec sculpture (it broke).

Roger Ailes acts in a manner that is outside of conventional social constraints, round focaccia, water bugs, and alabaster bowls -- involving the initiation of physical force or fraud against another party. Roger Ailes is shown to live a "normal" life. Roger Ailes is entitled to a prison term.


Blogger Satrent said...

Roger Ailes achieved his position, power and wealth form his "outside of conventional social constraints." just because his news outlets support ideas instead of condemning anything that is thought of by a opposing party member, does not make him a bad man. i guess Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, an Rudy Giuliani would be jailed also for using him as their media consultant. stop putting the blame on individuals and look at yourself and see how you can help others, because when you point a finger allot more point back.
and another thing dont say Petraeus is lying about Fallujah, how would you know? go ask a solider.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

That sounds like a good chain gang to me! All of these guys could use some exercise!

12:17 PM  

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