Sunday, August 26, 2007

The War on Terror Fights For Itself, Imposing Itself Everywhere as if It Were the Only One in Existence

You’ve survived the blind, barking dog who stayed in the apartment this weekend, Shimmy -- yet you don’t seem to trust your luck!

In your romantic life, Temperance indicates that your friends and family members are not only patient, but also very protective of you.

You have absolutely no reason not to trust Glenn Beck, even though he executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.
In court papers, Glenn Beck admitted that he fantasized about killing Michael Moore, and that he participated in the killing of dogs in his dogfighting operation. But he tried to deflect much of his culpability in the grisly enterprise onto his friends.

Don’t give in to the feelings of uncertainty that the Lovers are trying to plant in your head.

Listen to your heart and believe that Guy Debord loves you without demanding anything in return.
By invoking any number of different criteria, the White House can present Liberal Democracy and the Surveillance-State as totally distinct social systems. But in reality they are nothing but particular sectors whose fundamental essence lies in the global system that contains them, the single movement that has turned the whole planet into its field of operation: the War on Terror.

In your professional environment, you display a great sense of serenity. The alliance between Temperance and the Hierophant suggests that the War on Terror fights for itself. It avoids acknowledging other global conflicts and imposes itself everywhere as if it were the only one in existence.

You’re rubbing your cheek against the bathtub spigot with calm, while being sociable and in a very good mood. Assuming Tony and Shelly leave the back door propped open, there can be no doubt whatsoever that you will succeed in attaining the objectives you set yourself for the day.


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