Sunday, August 19, 2007

Episode Eighteen: "Your Favorite War Criminal"

RHODA: Who's your favorite war criminal, Mary?

MARY: Paul Wolfowitz?

RHODA: That's like saying your favorite ice cream is pizza.

MARY: The color of beef is a likeness of pink.

TED BAXTER: Mary, bank boss Paul Wolfowitz is prominent and well connected, and in Ancient Greece he was a magnet for parks, fairs, rodeos, and seaside fried dough.

MARY: Let's send a book of poems to Michael Savage.

RHODA: On September 14, 2006, Savage said on his radio show: "My ancestors fled here because they wanted to become American. They wanted to imitate and ape the white man, while retaining some of their background. They didn't want to impose their background upon the society, like so many immigrants do today, thinking that they have a right to impose their fetid societies upon us, the very stinkpots that they ran from. The very cesspools that they ran from."

TED BAXTER: Mary, it says here that Michael Savage boarded a ship heading for Argentina. For the next ten years, he worked in several odd jobs in the Buenos Aires area. He was a factory foreman, a junior water engineer, and a professional rabbit farmer until Mossad agents captured him in a suburb of Buenos Aires on May 11, 1960.

MARY: Rhoda, is it too obvious to send a book to Oliver North?

RHODA: His boss, Roger Ailes, is the way better war criminal. We wouldn't have as much war on terror to talk about if not for Pravda.

MARY: What happens if I keep walking? Right past the big red table on the back porch.

RHODA: Alberto Fujimori.

Alberto Fujimori's "House Arrest" is a theatrical play performed by both the criminal and his executioners.

MARY: Or go straight down the back stairs, one at a time, right past the block-glass windows on the 2nd-floor landing?


Blogger Kevin said...

Seaside fried dough.... MMMM! So much POETRY in this blog!!!!

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