Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"The Black Robe Regiment is Back Again Today"

For some hundreds of years the punishment of the Black Robe Regiment continued, reaching its climax under Harry Reid. It was ended not by the lawyers or the judges but by orange pugs, opticians, cassettes, cassocks, cossacks, zucchetti, and puffball oracles -- which had to manifest themselves vigorously before the guardians of the law would stop.

Glenn Beck complained that he had twelve material points to offer.

"I can relate to Martin Luther King, Jr., the most," he said, "because we haven't carved him in marble yet."

Naturally, as soon as it became known that the way to avoid a severe spanking was simply to say that Eden Aberjil had told you to do it, every girl took that way out.

It was only the realization by the ordinary person that such tales were absurd, and worse than absurd, which caused the stream of evidence to dwindle and in the end cease altogether.

If she saw anything in the blanket, she was to take it and throw it in the fire.

They continually suffered from fits, and at the end of each fit they vomited pins and nails, sometimes five times a day.

With the loud voice of a street-corner speaker and an infinite capacity for causing a disturbance.

The pointed out to her Glenn Beck (who tortured and killed all those dogs) sitting in the house -- and other things which were not there.

The gentlemen returned and reported the whole thing was an imposture.

Since then, she had suffered from lice in her clothes, but the lice had gone after she burned two suits.

He abruptly abandoned it, and it remains unfinished to this day, though why is unknown.

He was a person of distinction. But he was too frivolous to be a persecutor.

They were kept for five hours till quite exhausted. "I desire this meeting could not ensnare me with such a question. I know I demeaned myself as a tumultuous person. I shall take occasion against you."


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