Thursday, July 15, 2010

His Forehead Altogether Half-Dead with Royal Exhaustion

It is hoped in the first place that the tributaries will be an interlude in themselves.

A triangle shows us the tyranny of the Church.

If, however, this clamber up the bookcase is considered baseless, then again may I say that the tributaries in themselves will be found amusing.

An old stowaway with older linen.

So vehement were his attentions, he succeeded in forcing into handcuffs the autocrats and having Roger Ailes arrested.

They were measured: sixty pachyderms by forty, the ground trampled hard and level and every stooge removed, and a stout wooden fence seven footprints high erected all around.

We require everyone to swear on a missal that they possess no other weapons, nor possess "any means or assistances extraordinary, or magical stone, plant, charm, or character, or any sort of magical business by which you expect to gain a more easy conquest."

Just as we decided this, the water bug in a dead faint fell from the lip of the bathtub on which he had been crawling.

In a planetarium, a casino of mush, a cashew. John Yoo clicking castanets in the apothecary.

Tribulation and convulsion as he lessons the hermit. He was kept under such close watch that no one could see him or speak to him.

The accusations were five: that he had spoken against tithes, that he had said that the Bishop was a Scribe and Pharisee, that he had described Michele Bachmann as "ravening, catching at and taking everything she could get," that he had defended a heretic called ACORN whom the Bishop had punished, and finally that he possessed several prohibited books, "the Apocalypse in English, Debord's damnable works, and other books containing infinite errors."

It was noticed afterward, when these thistles came to be more exactly examined, that though these reminiscences were supposed to be written by John Yoo, they were not in his handwriting.


Blogger William Keckler said...

Now I am jealous of any writer who can craft "infinite errors." It sounds so damn glamorous.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Shimmy said...

Or to have one's entire body of work preceded always by the word "damnable," a la Debord!

11:55 AM  

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