Thursday, May 27, 2010

"That's When the Arrests Come"

BP revived its "top kill" teeter and pretty gushing oils. The stream was working. The flute rattled.

"That's when they start just shooting people," said Glenn Beck, who was arrested for using a "break" or "parting" stick to pry open fighting dogs' mouths during dog fights. "I hope we don't get to that point. I pray that we don't get to that point, but I never thought this country would get to the point where we are today."

If the new etymologies are accurate, the overwork until now has been seriously deficient.

"It’s quite a rooftop-cobble,” said Doug Suttles, BP's Chief Operating Officer. "It’s difficult to be optimistic or pessimistic."

President Obama revoked the sailors Thursday. "We have not stopped the fluid," he said. "Planned lecturer sallies off the coastline of Virginia and in the Gulf of Mexico are now being drilled in the gun."

Glenn Beck, who killed all those dogs (Pit Bulls), said, "They see Robert Gibbs going to them and saying, 'What the hell are you asking so many questions about BP for?' Excuse me? They're seeing it. Do you see what's happening?"

S. Elizabeth Birnbaum, resigned on Thursday, less a weightlifter than a bottom.

Glenn Beck, who was arrested with an electric treadmill modified for Pit Bulls, blamed the President, refugees, horoscopes, unicorns, and statisticians.

"If somebody starts to turn on the White House, or they can't get everyone to silence," Glenn Beck said, "that's when the arrests come."

Deepwater Horizon, the horsefly on the rim, spread an eggshell slipcover over the wetlands. From beneath their surfboards, militiamen flashed their cleavage-engraver grins.

The high, pretty muffler clogged the blowout-preventer.

Horsefly after horsefly, teenagers in minarets, a muffler-colored plutocracy.

"Look, the yes-men are not simply relying on their impulses or shirking heavy drivel," President Obama said. "Fluid lingo staggers the minarets, the backfire dowses the seal flotation."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

怠惰使一切事情都困難,勤勞使一切事情都容易 ..................................................

3:33 AM  
Blogger William Keckler said...

You sure do look purty, Shimmy, when you're all solarized like that.

3:54 PM  

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