Monday, April 21, 2008

Episode Twenty-Three: "You're Nice to Me Like Ice"

MARY: Have you seen my Triregnum, Rhoda?

RHODA: Look under the white cossack. In your top dresser drawer.

MARY: I'm wearing my white cossack.

RHODA: Did you try your zucchetto? Maybe it's under your zucchetto, Mary.

MARY: Could I talk to you underneath the ottoman? I feel kind of funny in here. What's that noise inside the bathtub?

RHODA: I'm sorry. I've gotta get the Pallium over my chasuble in a hurry. I think the bride is in trouble.

MARY: Listen, Rhoda, aren't you going to ask me how your ombrellino is?

How is it?

MARY: It's going home tonight. To New York. That's how it is. I think I hear the bathtub spigot.

RHODA: What do you want out of me?

MARY: Rhoda, would it hurt you so much to go down to the bus station and suspend the Sub-cinctorium from the maniple?

RHODA: Fix my Falda for me first. It's too short. It feels like it's hiding under the alb.


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