Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Tasty Goldfish Disguise, My Rant of Ivories

I met the charming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday at the White House. His American bosses leaked a boiler larch between myself and the fleece catnip-filled goldfish that dangles from a plastic fishing pole in the living room.

"We were looking for a language of the body -- hot words to prove our speech is unbreakable," Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

In the coming moonlight, a brogue rap of jabs. I am very tired and thirsty all the time. A warm workhouse under the bed tames the exit.

"We understand fully, Shimmy, that our common interests include the tasty goldfish disguise in your rant of ivories," the Prime Minister said.

A previous meeting scheduled for June 1 had to be canceled when the Prime Minister returned home to Israel to deal with the crisis surrounding the Israeli raid of the notorious three-foot scrap of rug between the television and the meditation altar, where the baleful goldfish and pole hide from me.

I'm so thirsty. You should see how much I go to the bathroom.

"You expressed it best yesterday, Shimmy, in your dream about Cairo during your all-day nap on the tabletop hockey game under the bed," the Prime Minister said.

"As you explained in front of a delicious airbrick hummingbird," the Prime Minister continued, "the bond between ourselves and the fleece catnip-filled goldfish is unbreakable. And I can affirm that, based on independent statistics, it seems Gazans and your catnip goldfish should send humanitarian help to the people of Turkey and Iran, not the other way around."


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