Monday, September 22, 2008

Neil Cavuto Knows He's Always Right Because He Knows How to Prove it Step-by-Step

Neil Cavuto is no place for a small child.

Aside from not being able to eat or sleep, Neil Cavuto is exactly like a regular boy, delighting in mimicking and picking up new information, as well as being able to play games.

Neil Cavuto says things like, "Nothing mattered to her so much as the owning of things and people."

This was at first so taxing on my nerves that the twelve nuns were forced to take turns in order to save themselves and to summon the necessary strength to continue facing the siege.

Neil Cavuto says things like, "I tried to look pitiful because I knew it pleased people."

On another occasion, Neil Cavuto obtained access to Excel spreadsheets titled, "Non-Terrestrial Officers," containing the names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel not registered anywhere else.

Having been told by his parents about the barbaric practices of the police in Syria, Neil Cavuto begged them not to send him there.

Neil Cavuto says things like, "It is no more difficult to describe an event that is to occur in the future than to describe an event occurring at the present moment."

Neil Cavuto has been known to wake up in the night cursing loudly and tossing his pillow across the room -- he was dreaming so vividly.


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