Monday, July 28, 2008

Roundtable Discussion with John McCain and Robert Novak (Part 2 of 3)

JOHN McCAIN: It's pretty obvious that the media has a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama. Some may even say it's a love affair. Anybody who has been a ninth grade boy understands this species of love: "I think about you when I go to bed, too embarrassed to stand up." It's sealed-with-a-kiss love.

SHIMMY: So what you are saying is, you can come on the Straight-Talk Express airplane. You can come on the airplane and everything is great. But if you come on the bus with a hostile line of questioning, or if you have a long and well documented critique, then no one's going to talk to you.

JOHN McCAIN: When our government forgets our debts to you, it is a stain upon America's honor. The disgrace of Walter Reed Army Hospital will not be forgotten.

SHIMMY: Tammy Duckworth wouldn't eat in the Walter Reed Army Hospital cafeteria because of the mice. All you had to do was ask me. I scared a mouse to death on April 18, 2007.

JOHN McCAIN: Whatever our commitments to veterans cost, we will keep them, as veterans themselves have kept every commitment to us.

SHIMMY: I killed three mice on October 8, 2000 (one of them scared to death).


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