Thursday, March 01, 2007

Barefaced Austin Texas

The TV showed breaking. The Mayakovsky Tree said, "A cat’s my favorite animal."

The other side of the hallway, the kitchen wall, some skittering.

The Mayakovsky Tree said, "A splashing blur, the silver scales of tasty fishes, the slanting cheekbones of the ocean!"

The TV showed belied, thinking news. They threw up his story and their control of six men.

What, Mayakovsky Tree.

A bar hooted. The TV: "I’d like to know if I know it. What bar in Austin, Texas, eating news?"

That a cat, the TV, what torts in hand a bar in Austin.

Cat's his favorite animal. A sack of groggy bumblebees. A drainpipe vase. Spinach dip.

Ann Coulter, the other side, half-lidded and gloomy and crouched before her wine.

A man replete it?

A man replied, "What about this hand at Ann Coulter. What threw up this story so there's nine lives. That the TV show believes it?"

The bastard hand godless church spinach dish.

The major U.S. flotilla chips. There's no way U.S. ports have been with him. Don't touch me or pick me up. You'll never find me.

Texas, the Mayakovsky Tree said. Texas. Taciturn. The deal told me if it's true. My way-favorite animal.


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