Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blue Airplane Scissors

At the recital, Sheila Escovedo borrowed Emma Goldman's shoes because hers were too small and ugly. She wore three pairs of socks so they would fit.

At night Glenda Jackson sniffs Olga de Volga's shoes, treats them with a spray, and places them in a cupboard.

Rosa Luxembourg had watched Voltairine de Cleyre shovel sand into her cousin's shoes. Suddenly, in the fury of their amusement, Naomi Yang wondered if she was ever going to be OK.

Kari Krome was lying down with her head above Shelly's red shoes, which were off at the time.

What started as a lark soon became a dangerous deception, as spirited Danielle Dax stepped into her look-alike sister's shoes.

The last time I saw shoes with lights on them? Vanessa Redgrave's a decade ago.

Dinah Cancer turns around. On the back porch are Georgia Hubley's shoes, just sitting there.

Changing into Alexandra Kollontai's shoes (pink dress still firmly in place), Rosalind Cash wins the game and remembers years later how good it felt to hear the cheers while stealing home.

Coveting Dorothy Tristan's sister's dog's trainer's cousin's shoes.


Anonymous USpace said...

Thanks for stopping by, cool blog, I love you cats!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe has
only nine lives...

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every day on my home page, I see a banner ad touting a Giant Shoe Sale, and I ask myself,

"Why would I want giant shoes?"

12:41 AM  

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