Thursday, January 25, 2007

Episode Twelve: "Mesopotamia"

RHODA: Listen to him, Mary. Think about the stupid stubborn audacity it takes for the President of the War on Terror to stand up in front of the Congress, to stand before the figure of the people of the country, and do anything but apologize. To claim he has any idea about the "state of the union" that is not spelled i-r-a-q.

MARY: He's been irrelevant for a long, long time, Rhoda.

RHODA: He's a disgraceful human being.

MARY: Shhh. He's about to say something about a country north of Saudi Arabia and west of Iran -- the site of a number of Mesopotamian civilizations, including Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonia.

RHODA: Mary, don't get too excited.

MARY: Listen to this tripe: "This is not the fight we entered in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia."

Look at Nancy Pelosi. Everything will be all right.

MARY: What's that skittering noise in the kitchen walls?

RHODA: Look to the light, Mary.

MARY: I'm waiting for him to say that the divorce rates are up for veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

RHODA: Do we still have soldiers in Afghanistan?

MARY: That's a lot of terror to be President of the war on.

RHODA: Maybe he'll apologize because the rate of suicide among U.S. soldiers has doubled over the previous year.

MARY: Or at least admit it's unprecedented in U.S. military history to have soldiers going back for a third tour of duty.

RHODA: The Army's Third Infantry Division just went back to Mesopotamia for its third year in the war.

MARY: At risk taken to guard against our own precautions.

RHODA: Ladies and injuries: shape the outcome of victory. Let us be on this day at this. Let be be finale of seem.

MARY: If I make twenty-thousand surges for the laser-pointer light that Tony and Shelly shine on the rug, this won't help me catch, kill, and eat it.

RHODA: Mary, don't worry. We've confiscated all the cell phone cameras in Mesopotamia. Nobody can make clandestine videos of hangings anymore.


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