Tuesday, January 23, 2007

List IX

1. The near-corner of the wastepaper basket in the living room South Forest.
2. Underneath the ottoman.
3. Top of the ottoman.
4. In front of the living room bookshelf, next to the lump in the carpet where the catnip bag is hiding.
5. On the empty UPS box, in front of the living room bookshelf, unless the vaccum cleaner waits for its bag to be changed.
6. The right corner of the paper shredder next to Tony's desk.
7. The rug in the bathroom.
8. Bathtub spigot.
9. Atop the box of summer clothes under the bed.
10. In front of the wall in the hallway that leads to the kitchen -- where the skittering sound comes from.
11. In front of the stove, where skittering also comes from.
12. Living room South Forest canopy.
13. Inside the empty newspaper box, under the bed, lined with scrap-paper Internet printouts.
14. The far edge of the small rug in front of the bookshelf.
15. The long window sill that faces Greenview Avenue and looks out to the building where the black cat lives.
16. The window sill, cramped, that faces the Mayakovsky Tree.
17. Places where they keep their shoes.


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