Sunday, November 01, 2009

"As long as necessity is socially dreamed, dreaming will remain a social necessity."

There's a sad day ahead in terms of your personal life, dear Shimmy. Under the influence of the Hermit, you're inclined to withdraw into the spot on the floor near the radiator. Rush Limbaugh lends a solemn atmosphere to your emotional situation. Every single product represents the hope for a dazzling shortcut to the promised land of total consumption.

Perhaps you need to take stock of the situation: it's funny, isn't it, that Glenn Beck never talks anymore about all those dogs (Pit Bulls) he tortured and killed? Ponder the question, but don't make any irreversible decisions today.

Nothing much is happening right now in your Tora Bora Box. The Hermit card is inviting reflection rather than action, and this may lead you to give up your ponderous sunken spot on the bean bag chair in your search for the truth. We can recognize a mystical abandon to the Tora Bora Box in those free gifts you bury in your litter, such as key chains which are not bought but are included by advertisers who claim they never have to use the bathroom.

Rub the Wastebasket Enemy Combatant with your face, Shimmy, and it will tell you that the fall of every figure with totalitarian power reveals the illusory community which had approved him unanimously, and which had been nothing more than an aggolmeration of solitudes without illusions.

As far as your romantic life is concerned, thanks to the Star and Strength you feel almost like you could sit on the window sill until sundown waiting for the cat in the window across the street to lick his curving haunches.

You have a bright smile on your face, and you radiate confidence. But this does not mean that ideology, having become absolute through the possession of absolute power, changes from partial knowledge into totalitarian falsehood. You should open your door wide for everyone! Be careful not to confuse confidence and naivety. The fusion of knowledge and action must be realized in the historical struggle itself, Shimmy, and in such a way that each of these terms guarantees the truth of the other.


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