Sunday, October 04, 2009

Episode Thirty-Two: "On the Intensification of Biopower"

MARY: While unconscious, the kleptomaniac Sarah Palin dreamed of being a cat burglar, hanging from wires to steal the Diamond Dagger.

RHODA: Furious over the disappearance of his pocket change and his bicycle, Sean Hannity slammed the door in Sarah Palin's face in her dream and said, "You've been stealing stuff as long as I can remember, Sarah Palin, but you've never been caught. From pocket change, to bicycles, to flowers from Wal Mart, to candy bars."

MARY: Autumn, I sleep on the computer chair instead of the window sill. The bees think warm days will never cease. Summer has overbrimmed their clammy cells!

RHODA: Sarah Palin tracked down Sean Hannity at the pier in order to talk to him.

MARY: Holding back tears, she apologized for being a kleptomaniac: "I want to stop but I don't have the will power. Just thinking about stealing makes my eyes dilate."

JEFFREY NEALON: Sean Hannity flipped sullenly through a magazine in silence as Sarah Palin stared at him.

MARY: "Ten years ago, you stopped," Sean Hannity said, "partly because of surveillance cameras, partly because of regret. Then you slowly started again, and now you stole a gallon of paint from Michelle Malkin."

JEFFREY NEALON: Your web browser, your DNA, your bank ATM card, your subway pass, or your credit report all suggest you are tracked in ways that make the disciplinary or panoptic warehousing of bodily traces (like photographs, surveillance tapes, fingerprints, or blood types) seem positively quaint by comparison.

MARY: Sean Hannity received a message on his cell phone from Joe Wurzelbacher that explained he was leaving town to spend time alone. "This is how he says goodbye for months, maybe years?" Sean Hannity said to Sarah Palin. "He sends me a text and you an email?"

RHODA: blogger John L. Perry said, "This isn't right. This isn't right at all. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible."


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