Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Interview With John L. Perry, Who Wants to Overthrow the United States Government

SHIMMY: Welcome to my window sill, John L. Perry.

JOHN L. PERRY: America isn't the Third World. If a military coup does occur here, it will be civilized.

SHIMMY: Are we moving toward a "control society" that no longer operates primarily by confining people, but through continuous control and instant communication?

JOHN L. PERRY: You know, Shimmy, military officers swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Unlike enlisted personnel, they do not swear to "obey the orders of the president of the United States."

SHIMMY: Do you think the goal, nowadays, is not to discover what we are, but to refuse what we are?

JOHN L. PERRY: Top military officers can see that Americans are increasingly alarmed that this nation, under President Barack Obama, may not even be recognizable as America by the 2012 election, in which he will surely seek continuation in office.

In short, the disciplinary criminal is known through her allegedly transgressive deeds, while biopower's delinquent is known through his allegedly abnormal personality?

JOHN L. PERRY: Military intervention is what Obama's exponentially accelerating agenda for "fundamental change" toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible.

SHIMMY: So what you are saying is, the body becomes a useful force only if it is both a productive body and a subjected body?

JOHN L. PERRY: There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America's military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the "Obama problem." Don't dismiss it as unrealistic.


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