Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Red Hair and Pale Skin is Your Passport

"Do not grasp another's bow, do not ride another's horse, do not meddle in another's affairs. Your red hair and pale skin is your passport." Though this is a commonplace saying among Republican consultants who fall asleep in their bathtubs, it can be an obstacle for entering the Path. Just examine yourself constantly, Josh Treviño: from morning till night, what do you do to help others and help yourself?

If you notice Heidi Noonan, television producer for Pravda, urging the crowd at a tea-party protest to cheer louder, you must admonish yourself. Don't be careless about this!

In the old days Glenn Beck lived up in a tall pine tree on Heidi Noonan's mountain: people of the time called him "The Axis Power Monk." When the kleptomaniac Sarah Palin was Governor of Alaska, she made a special trip to the mountain to give him back the Iron Cross and spiked helmet she had stolen from him.

"My impulse to steal is morbid," she told Glenn Beck. "It is an illness that is considered 'senseless' stealing because the kleptomaniac does not take objects for immediate use or for their monetary value -- and the stolen items are often returned surreptitiously, given to others, or hidden away."

Glenn Beck said, "My danger may be very great, Governor, but the country's is even greater because you are a kleptomaniac. When you were a small girl, you dreamed of being a cat burglar, hanging from wires to steal the Diamond Dagger."

"I am Commander of Wasilla," Sarah Palin replied. "What danger is there for the United States?"

"Fuel and fire are joined, consciousness and identity do not stay: how can the United States not be in danger?" Glenn Beck asked.

When you have nothing to do, Josh Treviño, you should sit quietly and keep the mind from slackening and the body from wavering. If you practice to perfection for a long long time, naturally body and mind will come to rest at ease, and you will have some direction in the Path.

"I'm tired of being a sheep," Glenn Beck said. "I'm tired of being a victim. I'm tired of being pushed around. I'm tired of being moved by curiosity and fondness for shiny things. You know what? The gloves come off."


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