Tuesday, August 18, 2009

List XVII: "A Savage Servility Slides by on Grease"

Glenn Beck,
freed from prison
after torturing and killing
all those Pit Bulls,
pretends he poisoned
Nancy Pelosi's wine

Democratic Congressman
Lloyd Doggett
welcomed at a grocery store
with a mock marble tombstone
engraved with the name
"Lloyd Doggett"

A caller to Democratic Congressman
Bran Miller's office:
"Miller could
lose his life over this"

The day after
Miller's death threat,
Republican Congressman
Todd Akin
jokes to constituents:
"Different people
from Washington, D.C.,
come back to their districts
and have town hall meetings
and they almost got lynched,"
and Akin's audience
laughs and applauds

Democratic Congressman
Frank Kratovil
hanged in effigy outside
his office in Maryland

with an expert knotted noose

At a Christopher Dodd town hall
days after Dodd announced
he had prostate cancer:
"How come we just don't
give Chris Dodd painkillers?
Like a handful of them at a time!
He can wash it down
with Ted Kennedy's whiskey"

Democratic Congressman
Brian Baird
receives a fax
with an image of President Obama,
a hammer-and-sickle
painted on his forehead
and these words beneath him:
"Death to All Marxists!
Foreign and Domestic!"

A man drops a gun
at a meet-and-greet
with Democratic Congresswoman
Gabrielle Giffords

A man with a concealed gun
taken away from a town hall
hosted by Democratic Congressman
Steve Cohen

A four-foot swastika
on the sign for the office
of Democratic Congressman
David Scott, who also
receives a faxed death threat

Democratic Congressman Dennis Moore
receives two death threats
in a period of ten days

One of Moore's death threats
received the same week
Richard Terry Young arrested
for bringing a loaded gun
to President Obama's town hall
rally in New Hampshire

William Kostric
arrives at the rally with
a loaded gun strapped to his leg

A man stands outside
Democratic Congressman
Ben Cardin's
town hall in Maryland
with a small,
handwritten cardboard sign
that reads:
"Death to Obama"
"Death to Michelle
and her two stupid kids"


Blogger Jamey Hecht said...

Who is the poet we invoke when it's time to say something serious about public life? Is it Ashbery? No. It is Lowell.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Shimmy said...

Excellent point -- I couldn't agree more.

7:58 AM  

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