Saturday, February 16, 2008

As the Bestiary Turns

Scooter, Rummy, Nino and the Vice-President are waiting when the medics wheel the Constitution in. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act hurries into the room, too. Brit Hume repeats, "She has to be fine," over and over.

Scooter drags him from the room. Nino tells Brit Hume that habeas corpus must have a blood test because of the time it spent abandoned in the woods. Brit Hume returns and the Vice-President tells him the Constitution is stabilized for now. Nino touches the left thigh of Alberto Gonzales, who shows him Mara Liasson's files. The Vice-President asks about the Centers for Disease Control and learns they haven't returned Fred Barnes's calls yet.

The Vice-President returns to the Constitution.

Mort Kondracke walks up and Dana Perino tells him that the CDC is still not on the way. Brit Hume asks if he can do anything and Mort Kondracke tells him to get Michael Savage to the hospital quickly. Brit Hume goes off.

Mort Kondracke then turns to Karen Hughes and tells her the hospital is going to need blood -- and lots of it -- to make sure the Constitution's condition doesn't improve. John Boehner defends Brit Hume's desire to give the telecommunication companies immunity. Nino tries calling Karen Hughes several times but she doesn't answer her phone.


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