Thursday, January 10, 2008

What John Yoo Seemed to Forget as You Drove Your Delicate Rental Car Back from Indiana

I'll put a bell
around your neck
if you try this

"When I release
a sixteen-pounder
down th' center
of th' lane,

it's as if
toxic toothpaste
was never imported
from Jiangsu, China"

You went to Indiana,
I don't care

The war is over,
voters are worried
about the war

You left me food
for the day,
then John Yoo
came through
the front door

The U.S. health care system
is the best in the world
except when your death
can be "prevented by access
to timely and effective
health care"

Did your precious,
bourgeois psychics
in Indiana say anything
about John Yoo
scattering catnip beneath
the South Forest canopy

when he couldn't
make me come out from
under the bed?

Chris Matthews: "Eat your
barbecue and shut
your mouth --
unless you're Tom Delay!"

John McCain fighting
the Hundred Years' War

John Yoo tried to coax me
from beneath the bed
(while you were
in Indiana!),
"adding form and substance
to the otherwise
amorphous concept
of mental pain or suffering"

Prowling the peaches
and penumbras!
Whole families
shopping at night,
then I eat them!

"What John Yoo
seemed to forget

as you drove
your delicate rental car
back from Indiana
is that lawyers
are not above
the law"


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