Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa, Let Your Dreams Unfold in Asthmatic, Synchronic Time!

An obscene squirrel you've been hoping to reach very soon might seem right around the corner, Shimmy, but it's not. You seem to have a thousand things to do before it is actually realized. This Saturday, make a list of bugs to kill at home. You can't ask for help. We teach children how to look both ways before crossing a street, but we do not protect them from cars. Children can be taught how to live with cars and be afraid of them! We live with centipedes, bats, spiders, black-shot woods, and what else is bitten or been. Romance is in the air on Friday -- keep watching the small cat in the window across the street licking his left haunch and pretending he's not watching you watch him. "Tonight we proved that American politics is still in the hands of ordinary folks like you," said Swann's Way, which ran on a breathless, stream-of-consciousness, asthmatic, and almost musical platform that ignored Iowa's populism of chronological order and proceeded instead according to an impressionism that emphasized our need to flee diachronic time in favor of fictional units of time that adore memory and imagination.


Blogger Susan said...

Did Ben Friedlander's cat inhabit Shimmy's brain this morning?
A strange and wonderful morning, finally.

2:01 PM  

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