Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Episode Fourteen: Did Ann Coulter Really Kill That Guy?"

RHODA: What makes Ann Coulter cadaverous, Mary?

MARY: They found the mouse frozen and stiff. Hair ruffled, eyes open -- as if it were still running away from me.

RHODA: Why does CNN call Ann Coulter a "conservative commentator" and not a "bigot"?

MARY: The mouse was next to Tony's big shoes. Eyes open and hair ruffled in an infinite accumulation of equivalent intervals.

RHODA: I mean, she's not "commenting," Mary.

MARY: The mouse I scared to death next to Tony's giant shoes exists in an irreversible time made abstract, in which each segment need only demonstrate by the clock its purely quantitative equality with all the others.

RHODA: Did Ann Coulter really kill that guy last year?

MARY: The mouse has no reality apart from its exchangeability.

RHODA: I guess she might have. Remember when she tried to poison Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens?

MARY: Under the social reign of commodified time, time is everything, the mouse carcass is nothing. He is at most the carcass of time.


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