Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I won't get into specifics, since if this matters you already know them."

Scott Brown asked to stay so they could watch some sports. Curt Schilling agreed and they had a good time drinking beer and watching TV, passing an hour in profound empathy for Roger Ailes.

"I won’t get into specifics, since if this matters you already know them," Curt Schilling said.

Curt Schilling and Scott Brown hung out at Roger Ailes's place. Curt Schilling relaxed on Ailes's couch.

As they joked around, Scott Brown fell right into Curt Schilling's lap.

"If this state does the right thing and elects Scott Brown," Curt Schilling said, "the entire country will feel my adolescent admiration for outlaws -- not so much out of a regressive romanticism but because outlaws expose the alibis by which social power avoids being put right on the spot."

Curt Schilling and Scott Brown discussed their feelings for Roger Ailes.

Curt Schilling grabbed Scott Brown's hand. He admitted what this country needs right now is simplified and rationalized homeostatic mechanisms that reduce human relationships to exchanges of deference and humiliation.

"I won’t get into specifics," Curt Schilling said, "since if this matters you already know them. The numbers are now beyond comprehension, and there is no one in office right now that is giving a hint of those numbers getting smaller or being reduced."

Curt Schilling didn't want Roger Ailes to think that he comes second to Scott Brown. He was determined to honor his commitment. Scott Brown warned that you can't control passion.

Curt Schilling lamented that every time he and Scott Brown get close to what they want, Martha Coakley does something to sabotage it.

"Despair is the infantile disorder of the revolutionaries of everyday life," Scott Brown suggested.

Martha Coakley left, fearing that she would just make things worse. As if anxious to conceal the infamy which they have consented to, the Curt Schilling and Scott Brown assumed an expression of utter indifference.

Curt Schilling planned to go to Paris. "I'm putting a screeching halt to the Democratic party’s fast-tracking this country into an abyss. When malaise is challenged, it shatters under the onslaught of a greater and denser malaise," he said.

Marth Coakley wished she handled things differently. While we spiel and spout, Curt Schilling watches with a knowing smile from behind the mediocrity of his thought. Curt Schilling knows that the world is still a huge ideological foozle.

Curt Schilling urged us at least to say good-bye.

"Soon, in the ideal democracy of marriage, family, work, and smaller government," he said, "everyone will, without apparent effort, earn a share of unworthiness which he will have the leisure to distribute according to the finest rules of justice!"


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