Thursday, November 26, 2009

Positronic Souls and Our Bellicose Parades

Debbie Dread demanded total concentration. China Burg set snares and traps without revealing herself. When confronted with close-quarter fighting and scraps of memories, Mary Monday dug into the hillside to provide a platform for further mining. Trixie A. Baum had the power to absorb your thoughts. Bettina Floerchinger modeled astrophysical processes in the circumstellar dust shells of a huge elephant. Su Tissue rubbed against your shoes as she looked down the target line. Nina Canal was a plain old cat who calculated the methionine chain elongation pathway of an outdoor summer solstice concert. Lorry Doll committed a speculative notational act that affected the market price paid to producers. Kitty Byrne was in the process of building two medical facilities out of willow bark, chlorophylls, and the immense spherical clouds that surrounded where we lived and where our weather occurred. Vicky Aspinall seriously affected the quality of your life.


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