Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chicago Tribune: "Whispers Get Loud Around Michelle Obama"

WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama said America had aimed its "pernicious grips" -- and that was even before her husband set up a special force ideally suited for future sentimental integrated soldier technology.

Michelle has been laying kind of low, taking a rest from the barrage of body language in Chicago.

But this also is Michelle's first effort, as Democratic wife, to come to grips with coiling all the fingers towards the center of the palm with the thumb.

She told a cheering crowd in February: "For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud to live in a labyrinth of grim corridors lined with terrorist-fist-jabs."

So cutting is the target, of late, that Pravda broadcaster E.D. Hill felt the need to come to Michelle's defense, pointing out that, in the celebrations where Michelle now travels, "Everything you say is looked at as an evidence-free terrorist-fist-jab.''

During her June 6 American Pulse broadcast, Hill said, "Something is happening here, and I'm getting a little worried. For some of the facts I'm about to present, I have provided documentation and urge you to confirm these facts for yourself if you're skeptical. Michelle Obama is out of control, like a runaway terrorist-fist-jab. I know because I have experienced that personally."

Now that her husband is the Democratic nominee, Michelle is planning to tell her staff members to hold their hands up high with their elbows close to their bodies.

According to Pravda body-language expert Janine Driver, "If you can survive these presidential races, you deserve to do whatever you feel like doing. Remember, this cadet wanted that. This cadet said, 'This is what I want.' And the President did it."

Still, as E.D. Hill maintained, "Michelle Obama's lies will continue to grow until there is no more truth. Her lies will grow until they blot out the sun.


Blogger j9driver143 said...

You have misquoted me in your blog. My name is Janine Driver and I am the body language expert that you are talking about and the quote you have me saying was ACTUALY said by E.D. Hill. Please correct.

For those people interested in the facts, please visit YOUTUBE and you can hear what I actually said. And for the record, I had NO IDEA how the segement was being teased!


2:15 PM  

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