Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plush Brass Horsefly

Today, you’re in no mood to declare undying devotion to the Roscoe Village cougar shot to death by a policeman, Shimmy. The conjunction of Leonora Carrington and Alena Nadvorniková puts you in a bad position for making sacrifices or knocking the miniature tennis ball soaked in catnip oil. You keep your distance rather than get too involved, and you prefer guns, religion, and antipathy to stability. You must act as you think best, but take care not to hurt Marie-Dominique Massoni with your fickle attitude. The atmosphere in the bathtub isn't very healthy right now. The combination of Lislot Hafner and Gudron Gut suggests that someone might be trying to unroll the yoga mat or the window blinds. Be suspicious of the ombrellino, white cossack, zucchetto, and the Triregnum. Be suspicious of anyone trying to stop you from eating leaves on the back deck or walking into an empty hallway. Be suspicious of anyone being you.


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