Tuesday, July 18, 2006

List, V

Tania was scared by images and ideas.

Erzebet Bathory was scared by shelters and offices, hissing at the base of the tree.

A scared Mina Loy belonged to a neighbor.

Soon your freezer is full. This isn’t Madame Blavatsky -- and Willa Cather has been sulking since.

Do not chase after or try to pick up Ida Lupino. Be patient and understanding. The other incident involved a young girl who was holding Kira Roessler in an improper manner.

Poor, scared Squeaky Fromme will puff up her tail. Mrs. Iselin bit off the mouse's tail. Patsy Cline stepped on the mouse's tail to prevent it from crawling away. It scrabbled at the dusty cement with its forepaws then succumbed to heart attack.

Lene Lovich's ears swung around in the air when the Vet walked into the room. The Vet checked the bathroom. The Vet failed to evolve.

Hi, Bessie Head! Like you, I am nervous.


Blogger trishstone said...

The mystery of the South Forest is revealed!

12:57 PM  

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