Monday, June 26, 2006

Shame on the Night

I figured it out when I smelled their luggage on the floor. They left. Squirrels bickered in The Mayakofsky Tree, I dreamed a clammy bumblebee said, "If I were as small as the Great Ocean, I'd tiptoe on the waves and woo the moon like the tide" as I swallowed him. I rubbed myself on the bumpy clawhammer legs and wheels of Tony's computer chair. I knocked a milk-bottle cap-ring off the bookshelf.

Aaron walked right in the back door and tried to steal my bowl of Science Diet Senior Formula. I was under the bed, waiting to catch him off-guard. But I could smell Tytan, and potato chips, so I waited. I fell asleep. When I woke up, in the middle of the night, more food was in the dish somehow. And more water. That night I dreamed I caught the thunder and pranced the living room as it struggled in my indomitable mouth then I killed it.

Rubbed the smooth copper legs of a plant stand in the South Forest. Then the plant fell over and made a word I couldn't understand.

"Shimmy, don't crouch in the South Forest," Murray Slaughter said. "They're coming home tomorrow. They will think you have stomach flu and ship you to the Satanic Majesties Veterinarian." A fish, my education, the incalculable summer thunder, a scabrous baby squirrel born in The Tree. Sometimes the living room windows squeezes sunshine into the carpet if you're not hiding under the bed. Yes, of course I taught myself how to open the bedroom closet doors.

I was ready for Aaron and the invisible dog, Tytan. Were Tony and Shelly ever coming back? If they did, would they bring a world's parade of goldfish and hide them under the rug for me? I heard the key in the back door. I was ready for Aaron this time. I clipped my red Squeaky Fromme cape around my neck. Where was the invisible dog? I could smell him.

Aaron disturbed the dining room, spread a heap of mail on the table I walk on when nobody's looking. I heaved myself from beneath the bed and attacked him. He flailed a copy of the New Yorker, a People's Energy bill, and a wedding invitation. He held a book package from Amazon like an oyster in front of my face and I was afraid.


Blogger A. said...

Shimmy, they shaved Scout's leg and then removed one of her teeth. She growled at me, but now we're friends again. She says she feels sort of like a pirate.

11:20 AM  

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