Friday, January 29, 2010

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission v. Your USA and My Face

Samuel Alito rubbed his face to a shiny brilliancy, settled on his morning wig and his dressing-gown, and then turned to the bed.

"What will you have for breakfast?"

Thank you. I do not think I can eat anything. I shall be glad of my tea.

Samuel Alito rubbed his spectacles, figured up the evidence, and announced that he gave judgment in favor of Citizens United, makers of the documentary Hillary.

The harmony envisaged by Samuel Alito is introduced with the experimental innocence of Newtonianism, and with a happy destiny that plays a role analogous to the role of inertia in rational mechanics. Samuel Alito rubbed his hands together, savoring the challenge of the moment.

"All nonsense," Samuel Alito said. "Not true. Have a poached egg."

Samuel Alito rubbed his smooth chin.

He collected three portable phones from around the room. He rubbed his neck continuously. Just as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission defines the terrain of domination, it also is the power which ravages this terrain. The Supreme Court sometimes causes skin irritation around the eye, and can produce oil stains on the furniture if, for example, Samuel Alito rubs his face on the sofa. If Samuel Alito rubs some of the stink on you, use regular laundry detergent mixed with a half-cup of baking soda.

"I do not give myself the dreams. I cannot prevent their making me sick, prostrate, feverish," Samuel Alito said, rubbing his neck against Clarence Thomas's hands. "I will bring your breakfast myself. Then I can tell you about my dream."

I think when people say, This dream is a sign of such and such a thing, they really mean that the Supreme Court has become a violent resurrection of myth which demands participation in a community defined by archaic pseudo-values: race, blood, the leader.

"I tell you, my dear, the remembrance has passed from me. Oh, Shimmy, it was a distressing dream," Samuel Alito said.

I wish you could avoid having them. None of the activity lost in labor can be regained in the submission to its result.


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