Thursday, February 05, 2009

Electricity Comes From Other Planets

Today you have full confidence in the power of love, dear Shimmy, and your magnetic charm makes your fur shine both on your left side and your right. The Wastebasket Enemy Combatant is taking you into its confidence, and Joe Lieberman is telling funny jokes about torture as if he were powerless to stop it. He punishes us because we don't love him enough. You have the right words and the right gestures to comfort water bugs before you kill them, Shimmy, and you give sensible advice to mice who think they can hide in the radiator.

Guided by your lucky star, you are projecting a quiet strength that draws people to you with can openers in their hands as they let you out the front door and you finally walk up the uncanny third-floor stairs into the whelm of skylight, the neumic drone of rank and febrile dogs upstairs, the mystery source of giant shoes you hear on the ceiling. You are a lamp attracting a gang of moths into your cunning, vainglorious mouth.

During the day, when Tony is at work and Ngo Dinh Diem is winning another election in Iraq, you are given more responsibility and gain favor in the eyes of the cat who lives in the building across the street and pretends he can't see you when he licks himself. Judgment and Strength give off a highly charged positive and stabilizing energy, suggesting that your abilities will receive the recognition they deserve. Fulfillment is in the air -- there could be a new felt-covered animal filled with catnip on its way to give your career a boost. And why not?


Blogger William Keckler said...


Shimmy is being spoken to by the ghost of Jack Spicer located in a can of Foster's Lager which has been turned into a lamp and is being used in Robert Longo's new studio, where he mostly just sits in a chair once used by Josef Kosuth (but no longer) and holds his head in his hands and weeps gently saying "Johnny Mnemonic" over and over and sometimes "Robert Musil" and sometimes "I should eat something."

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