Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Vatican vs. Gertrude Stein (Part XVIII)

THE VATICAN: The priestly ministry, understood and lived as a conformation to Christ, bridegroom and good shepherd, requires certain abilities as well as moral and theological virtues. The church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies, or support the so-called "gay culture." Such persons find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women. A candidate to the ordained ministry must reach affective maturity. Such maturity will allow him to relate correctly to both men and women, developing in him a true sense of spiritual fatherhood.

GERTRUDE STEIN: There is no pope.


Blogger William Keckler said...

CONFESSION: Sometimes I worry that my homosexuality isn't "deep-seated" enough.

This exchange never gets old.

I'm sorry. It doesn't.

"Who's on First?" gets old.

This doesn't.

You know I think there is a miracle captured in that photo. I think Alice B. Toklas is levitating.

I am fairly CERTAIN she is levitating, if she was say under 4 feet or maybe 3 feet 10 inches.

If so, please contact the Vatican that a delegation might be dispatched to begin the hagiographic process around Ms. Stein.

5:32 PM  
Blogger William Keckler said...

"The condition that hinders them from correctly relating to men and women?"


We can't help it!!

Did you really think those pants and that shirt matched???

5:34 PM  
Blogger Shimmy said...

It's a miracle, you're right. Alice B. Toklas is levitating: "It shows so that walking is an alleviation, and yet this astonishes everybody the distance is so sprightly."

With the aid of color bitchiness, your analysis fulfills three deep-seated hagiographic criteria for miracles: 1) declared (you said so); 2) unexpected (I was asleep in the bathtub and didn't see Alice rising in the air); and 3) confirmed (the photograph represents what Bishop Jacques Perrier would described as "binary" or "black and white" evidence of Alice hovering while her hand braces sweetly on Ms. Stein's shoulder).

9:11 AM  

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