Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Happened to Ann Coulter's Mouth?

Ann Coulter arrived at the boat dock with a Styrofoam plate on her head. She called out for Michael Savage but at first he didn't answer. She was just about to leave when Michael Savage appeared. His fat eyelids barely moved. Ann Coulter told him she brought Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, but if he didn’t want it, she would chew through the kitchen wall because she smelled peanut butter on a spoon in the sink. Ann Coulter suggested that Michael Savage let go of the past, but he refused to listen. Ann Coulter said she could chew through the wall and hide under the stove until I fell asleep. Michael Savage told Ann Coulter that the United States is fifty leagues below the degeneracy that brought about Hitler. Ann Coulter chewed through a television power cord. Ann Coulter chewed a hole in a sack of corn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happens when you put Ann Coulter and Michael Savage in hell ? Jeffrey Dahmer and Hitler put up for sale signs on their lawns

11:31 AM  
Blogger William Keckler said...

LOL @ this and at Rastamick61's joke also.

Doesn't Ann Coulter have a BRING BACK PRESSING bumper sticker on the back of her Hummer?

I'm sure her forbears (who were doubtless not forbearing at all) probably painted that on barns.

11:54 PM  

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