Thursday, December 04, 2008

Saxby Chambliss Means the Flight of the Soul Toward God

Saxby Chambliss is content with what's happening. He is more severe than his prelude. The complicated phonemic code, "Saxby Chambliss," approximates traditional orthography. As your 41st senator, Saxby Chambliss records bestial mental images and buries them in your backyard. Saxby Chambliss looks in the mirror and sees a baby-blue-eyed spirit with a bad knee. Saxby Chambliss says he is content with what's happening, and for the next six years will scapegoat the bathtub spigot with no water coming out of it. Passengers on a luxury cruise liner said Wednesday they were surprised by Saxby Chambliss's boldness. "We didn't think Saxby Chambliss would be cheeky enough to attack Max Cleland," Wendy Armitage, of Wellington, New Zealand, told The Associated Press shortly after disembarking the ship for a daylong filibuster in Americus, Georgia. Saxby Chambliss freed Max Cleland and a Yemeni cargo ship after Sarah Palin paid a ransom of B-major with five sharps and a hissy fit.


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I like your writing style as much as I dislike Saxby Chambliss

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