Friday, May 11, 2007

List XII

1. Tabletop hockey game under the bed
2. Corner of the rectangular wicker box with their CDs trapped inside
3. Edge of the rug, Southeast Forest (in a pile of catnip)
4. Two chairs' legs in the living room
5. Bathtub spigot
6. Their shoes
7. Altar edge
8. Edge of back screen-door, propped open
9. Book pile next to Tony's desk
10. Wastebasket enemy combatant next to Shelly's desk
11. Vacuum cleaner (turned off)
12. Bedpost legs on the west side of the bedroom
13. Their backpacks (on the floor)
14. Tapering front left leg of Shelly's desk
15. Water dish
16. Bookshelves near bathroom
17. New packages on the floor


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