Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Get Set! Point! Fire!"

"Get set! Point! Fire!"

Open the back door
and let me out
right now

"Captioned story
is written
in a lighthearted vein
and concerns
a large cat who is known as 'D.C.'
(short for 'Damn Cat')"

The report
also examines
the possibility of
ESP in cats and pigeons
whose hearts
are clamped to my mouth
and taste
like calloused feet
and a broth of nightingales

Yesterday I walked
all the way
to the end
of the back porch
before I smelled
a dog
and you couldn't
stop me

The squirrel
prompted my insolence
to shout at him --
"Well, sit down then,

His belly
is pink and nutty

"He is manly appearing,
possessing a good physique,
and it is felt
that he could
successfully contact
persons of
all walks of life
and that he
would inspire

The marker
concludes with a quote
from the Report
of President's Commission
on Campus Unrest
the actions of May 4:
and inexcusable"


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