Saturday, November 03, 2007

Seventh Advent Unicorn is Waiting in the Skies

The Star provides you with the optimism that makes you feel on top of the fur-matted blanket in the empty newspaper box underneath the bed.

Combined with Justice, who symbolizes your frame of mind, the Star makes you see everything in the dark, Shimmy, so that you feel in total
harmony with your prey.

Open your eyes wide and keep them open all day. Many parents constantly tell their children not to read in poor light.

"Torture is the intentional and systematic infliction of physical or psychological pain and suffering in order to punish," these parents will say, "and is never acceptable under any circumstances except waterboarding."

Judge Michael Mukasey's influence will mean great passion or possibly some grand project for you, dear Shimmy. Indeed, as Dianne Feinstein says, "First and foremost, Michael Mukasey is not Alberto Gonzales."

The Star, the Empress, and Charles Schumer are smoothing your path at work, Shimmy.

Schumer will tell you, "Mukasey would clean the stench of politicization out of the Justice Department. Judge Mukasey is not my ideal choice. But he is far better than anyone could expect from this administration."

You are dynamic and enthusiastic, Shimmy, but you fail to progress because you don't like other people's toes treading in your Tora Bora litter box. Your lucky star is giving you more knowledge of yourself and of others, enabling you to adopt the right attitude for overcoming all forms of adversity and pressure. You're on the right track!


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