Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Part 2 of 2: Scooter Libby Roundtable with Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, and Former Beirut Embassy Station Chief William Buckley (deceased)

SHIMMY: Maybe it's no crime to reveal a covert CIA agent's name. Let's empty the vaults of the CIA Archive!

BRIT HUME: Shimmy, there's no evidence they knew Valerie Plame was covert or thought she was covert.

SHIMMY: No one ever believes you: this is why it's treason. I told you to wipe off the blood on your lapel, Brit Hume. Get out of my apartment.

FRED BARNES: And there's no evidence she was "covert" under the meaning of the law that has to do with outing agents.

SHIMMY: The CIA's Wine-presses & Barns stand open. The Wagons are ready. Terrific Lions & Tigers sport & play!

FRED BARNES: Libby should be pardoned because he's been a loyal and effective member of this administration.

SHIMMY: All animals upon the Earth -- even mangy squirrels -- are prepared in all their strength to go forth to the Great Harvest & Vintage of the Nations!

FRED BARNES: We are in the midst of a not-very-serious case. The investigation of Libby produced no crime, Shimmy.

SHIMMY: On that question, I'd like to hear from our other panelist, former Beirut Embassy Station Chief Lt. Col. William Buckley.

BRIT HUME: So would I.

SHIMMY: Lt. Col. Buckley was a covert CIA operative kidnapped by Hezbollah on March 16, 1984. He was held for 15 months. When his captors discovered he was a CIA agent, they tortured him to death. His remains were found in a plastic sack near Beirut airport in 1991. He's buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


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