Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Get So Wound Up

The stubby gray mouse afraid of Sandy West trembles next to the radiator cap and is easily pulled off. Only a boorish, carbuncular dolt, only a mouse, would sleep next to the radiator after Kate Korus turned it off. The mouse rubbed its shoe next to the radiator -- nervous because Poly Styrene might be watching him. Nothing moved except the foolish hair of their tails waving at Wendy O. Williams from the scorched radiator slats. The old goldfish splashed in the radiator; with my teeth, I pulled out his heart. Because the concrete is loose where the radiator pipe connects to the wall, mice think they can rip off pieces of it and Viv Albertine will play with them instead of chew their fat jugular veins. Romi Mori and Lene Lovich were sleeping next to the radiator when I scolded the catnip that lives inside the felt-wrapped carrot with a bell attached to it.


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