Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Episode Ten: "Tiempo di Silencio"

MARY: I don't understand, Rhoda. It's against the law for the FBI to interrogate a 14-year-old girl unless her parents are in the room.

RHODA: Not anymore.

MARY: I feel safer because Julia Wilson took down her MySpace page.

RHODA: Careful, Mary. Think about what the White House did to Richard Clarke and Paul O'Neill.

MARY: Fuck Saddam. He is a seraglio of sulfur, bicarbonate of soda, exotic meals, and brutal perfumes.

RHODA: Do you see Clarke and O'Neill anymore? Where did they go? Think about it, Mary. Even their social security numbers have been reassigned.

MARY: I cannot in good conscience renew my copyright on Bob Woodward.

RHODA: Last night, I dreamed I was squatting in a downtown loft with Raoul Vaneigem. Our ceiling was just a giant transparent tarp fastened with duct-tape. I complained about the steady drizzle that came into our living space.

MARY: Was Vaneigem pro-troops?

RHODA: The sole authority is one's own lived experience: and this everyone must prove to everyone else.

MARY: I can sit in the bathtub for hours until water comes out. No one can stop me.


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