Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Money is "an emissary armed with full powers who speaks in the name of an unknown force"

When we concerned ourselves only with survival -- such as those six weeks I was abandoned in the woods before Tony and Shelly adopted me -- we were unable to see the commodity with any kind of consciousness. Commodity instead was an occult force.

Yet the commodity becomes an occupying force in social life after the Industrial Revolution.

The White House in effect says, "Because of the commodity, we can have a society of leisure." (For fuck's sake, just tie a string of dental floss to the tail of your catnip mouse. The spearmint-flavored wax tastes like catnip anyway.)

In control of the very physics of power, Karl Rove instructs George Bush to hide from us the fact that commodity is no longer an occult force. It's there always. As Guy Debord writes, it is here that "political economy takes shape, as the dominant science and the science of domination."


Blogger A. said...

Last night I too dreamed of a glass box. I was tarantula-sitting for an imaginary friend and the spider kept crawling to the middle of my back where I couldn't reach him (Dave the tarantula) but I was trying to catch him and put him in his terrarium (tarantuum?).

Then I woke up all sleepy.

3:59 PM  

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